Bored Play fun and social games in Slack

All work and no play… You know how the saying goes.Bored brings fun and social games right into your workspace. It’s proven that happy teams are more productive. While you do your best work, allow us to help you unwind.With Bored, your watercooler channel will transform into a space where you can lounge around, play games, and spark new conversations.Games on Bored• Spot the Faker: A game of accusations and deception
• Medium Roast: Yep, roast your colleagues. Don’t worry, it’s SFW
• Trick or Trivia: A game of trivia, but with a twist
• Give me a Break: Solo activities for when you have 2 minutes to spareFeatures• 50+ topics, 5000+ questions in Trick or Trivia
• Schedule games
• Play with unlimited players
• LeaderboardWhy Bored?Because there’s more to work than just meetings.• build happier remote teams
• bond with teammates
• take a break together and socializeBored is a product by SuperGaming. We’ve built social games played by over 100,000 players. Now, we’re bringing social to remote teams.