Better UptimeWebsite monitoring, incident management, and status pages alerts the right person on your team when your website goes down. It combines the fastest uptime monitoring with built-in incident management and public status pages.With the + Slack integration you can:
* Receive the fastest downtime alerts that include a cause, screenshot, and error logs
* Look up the current on-call contact and receive updates
* Trigger incidents for critical events like when the ‘Order’ button is missingIt takes only 3 minutes to set up.We don’t just tell you your site went down, we tell you why
You get a screenshot and error logs with every incident alert to help you identify what went wrong and resolve it quickly. A detailed event timeline lets you know exactly what happened, collaborate on the solution, and prepare post-mortems.Easy on-call duty scheduling
Configure your team’s on-call duty rotations directly in your favorite calendar app and escalate the incident to other colleagues when there’s no reply. Share your uptime with a status page
Communicate the status of your services and build confidence in your product with beautiful status pages.Support
Email: [email protected]

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