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I. Benefits of linking up4D BEMboard with Slack?It helps you to share updates, news and information fast and simple with your team-mates in slack. Everytime you post something in BEMboard’s activity stream in Work-Packages or Stickers you are able to post it to either a single team-mate or a group in your slack.II. How to integrate Slack into up4D BEMboard?In BEMboard just click on “Add to Slack” button.You will be redirected to Slack’s authorization page. Here you need to allow BEMboard to access your Slack account and synchronize data from Slack to BEMboard.Click “Yes” to accept all the permissions and let BEMboard connect with Slack.Click “No” to decline all the permissions and go back to BEMboard (nothing will happen).III. What kind of permissions does BEMboard need?
In order to connect BEMboard with Slack you need to accept the permissions listed below:- READ your team profile, for general information about your Slack team.
– READ your profile, for general member information about you.
– READ your public and private channels, so that BEMboard can send messages into these channels.
– READ your friend list, so that BEMboard can send messages to your friends.
– REMIND you about unforgettable Stickers.
– TYPE “command” from Slack App to control your jobs in BEMboard.Background actions only happen from BEMboard to Slack, and not the other way round. (e.g. to update new channels in BEMboard when you’ve joined in new channels)We will not spam you with emails, use your Slack information for third-party software or spam messages in your channels or to your friends.IV. How to use Slack in BEMboard?
In Work-Packages and Stickers you will always find the Slack button. After clicking the button you can choose between the two options “Post to channel” or “Send to your friend”.Choose your friends name or the group-channel from the drop-down list and type in your message.Click “Send” to post your message. That’s it!