Back Organize and automate all of your internal workplace requests on one intuitive platform

With Back, you can untangle the mess of multiple support channels, automatically solve routine requests and turn issues into human conversations, instead of incident numbers.It enables you to submit requests to teams such as e.g. HR, IT, Office, Ops & Finance, to add additional information to your requests and keeps you up-to-date about your requests without leaving Slack.Submit a new request by…
• Mentioning @Back in a message in a public channel.
• Writing a direct message to Back.
• Using Actions in a private message or private channel.Add information to an existing request
Ask a question or follow-up on an existing request by simply sending a message to the request thread that Back created for you.Stay up-to-date about your requests
Back will keep you up-to-date about all important changes and updates to your requests by sending messages to the thread linked to your request. You can also see the request status overview by clicking on the title of the request.Visit our FAQs to learn more about Back or contact [email protected]: To use this app you will need a paid account with Back, which you can try for free for 14 days.