Axure Cloud Planning and prototyping updates from Axure Share, sent to Slack

Axure drives innovative digital experiences. Our UX platform empowers the collaboration needed to bridge the gaps between design, development, customers, and your business. Product obsessed, we’ve developed a powerful & flexible solution for you to truly explore and innovate, all in one platform. Spanning over 25,000 companies across the globe, including over 90% of the Fortune 100, Axure encourages UX designers, analysts, product managers, developers, and user enthusiasts to push boundaries, together.Axure Cloud is a collaboration platform that allows you to publish, store, and gather feedback on your RP and UX related projects. Within Axure Cloud, you can publish from Axure RP or import files from other design tools, keeping everything related to your project in one place. Once you’re ready, you can discuss changes with on-screen comments, share automated redlines to developers, and build interactions into Sketch, Adobe XD, and image files.With the Axure Cloud Slack app, get notified in Slack of all activity on your Axure Cloud projects: new comments for all projects, and check-ins and changes to your team projects. Receive all notifications in a single Slack channel, or choose a target team and channel for each Axure Cloud workspace or project.Learn more about Axure on or contact our team at [email protected]