Aware Behavior-centric information governance, compliance and insights

The single platform for Slack conversation and file governance, compliance & behavior insights.Governance, Risk and Compliance- AI-enriched, immutable archive, specifically built for collaboration conversations and files
– Contextual eDiscovery and forensics
– Handle GDPR/CCPA Data Subject Access Request and Right to Erasure obligations
– Dynamic Chat/File retention and information governance — remove from the archive and from the data-in-place on Slack
– Contextual legal holds — preserve only the data you need
– Reputation management and insider threat protection
– Content monitoring and DLP (Tombstoning) — remove accidental or malicious sharing of PHI/PII/PCI and other confidential information
– Policy-based enforcement of industry and company regulations, such as HIPAA, FINRA and others
– Automatically enforce Acceptable Use policies for all populations, including regulated and BYOD employees
– Toxic behavior monitoringChange Management, Insights and Analytics- Automated community management and Workspace analytics
– Industry’s most accurate Sentiment Analysis for Workspaces, Channels, topics and messages
– Detect changes in your organization’s psychosocial and cultural health
– Continuously measure conversations for pockets of toxicity or undesired behavior
– Understand topics or concerns that are top-of-mind for employees, such as corporate announcements or union activity
– Derive data-driven stories to leadership and prove value of Slack