Automated App Create, deploy and track resource allocation right in Slack using only a Google Sheet!

The Automated Slack bot is a flexible application for delivering a variety of project-based services. A powerful, yet simple visual planner within Google Sheets enables teams, agencies and firms of all sizes to empower their resource based projects with planning tools made simple. Transparency, flexibility, and instant communication make getting a real-time view of a projects status efficient, and keeps your team’s workload in balance. Confidently forecast needs and results with a clear view of performance and potential bottlenecks.Common Uses:
* Allow teams to get various types of projects up and running faster than ever.
* Improves how resources and budgets are managed to ensure profitability.
* Solve complex resource allocation puzzles so that clients always get your best work.
* Turn obscure issues into clarity and make better decisions with daily reporting.
* Transform your teams agility, velocity and project communication.Contact developers at [email protected] collaboration between &