Connect Slack with 200+ popular apps. Setup custom notifications. Create workflow Bots across apps. is a leading cloud integration and workflow automation platform. It allows you to connect your favorite web apps and create one to one integrations or complex workflows using a drag and drop interface, no coding required.Workflows created in are called Bots. Every Bot has a trigger app and at least one action app.Trigger App: It is used to define when your Bot should start.
E.g When a new issue is added in Jira.
Action App: It is used to define what should happen automatically in the Bot.
E.g. Add it as a task in Trello and send a Slack notification.**Apps you can connect with Slack**:
Facebook Lead Ads, Airtable, Google Drive, Gmail, Trello, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Twitter, Google Calendar, Salesforce, HubSpot, Asana, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Jira, Stripe, GitHub, Calendly, Typeform and other 200+ apps**Popular Slack workflows you can create with**
1. Get Slack channel notifications for new Jira issues
2. Send Slack notifications for new rows in Google Sheets
3. Set reminders in Slack for new tasks in Trello
4. Send new Facebook Page posts to Slack
5. Notify teams in Slack for new Salesforce opportunitiesHow to connect Slack with
1. Sign up for
2. Link your Slack account and other apps you wish to integrate.
3. Create a Bot or use the popular workflows above to get started right away.
4. Enable and test the Bot.For more details, check our guide on getting started with