Attentive Meet Attentive, your Salesforce assistant on Slack

Attentive helps your sales team do all their admin work in a quick, easy and user-friendly way, without even opening Salesforce.With Attentive, organizations ensure reliable, factual information, for better-informed decision-making all around. In the end, data is only valuable when used correctly. With premium assistance, it is as simple as pushing a button.Here’s how Attentive simplifies your sales life:• Data snapshots with minimal effort – List all your Opportunities, Leads, Tasks, Accounts or Contacts.
• Create Opportunities, Leads, Tasks, Accounts or Contacts – Keep your Salesforce up to date on the go.
• Get Salesforce Info At Your Fingertips – Find what you are looking for, fast.
• Cross-team communication, collaboration, and accountability – Intelligent routing-handoffs with specific opportunity conversations.
• Salesforce 1:1 – Get familiar with Salesforce.Why Attentive?
Common sales admin work still lacks automation under old manual processes, with deficient lead routing and opportunity management resulting in poor data quality. Attentive ensures immediate savings in time and effort.Why does Attentive create immediate value?
No more single view of customer data. Get full trustable pipeline visibility and accurate forecast.Why choose Attentive?
Attentive creates alignment, helping solve task overwhelmingness. Inflexible systems are difficult to customize and make it very hard to access information on-the-go.Why do salespeople need Attentive?
Because 2/3 of salespeople time is not spent selling but doing admin work.Why will Attentive make your team happy?
Attentive is the bridge that connects everything. Just plug’n’play – no setup needed. Pair Attentive with your Salesforce and Slack, and you’re ready to go.