ask Bettyask Betty gives you instant access to a live personal assistant

askBetty is a live personal assistant for people who don’t need a full-time assistant. The app leverages Virtual Gurus’ community of Canadian- and US-based virtual assistants to help you achieve more in less time through the convenience of Slack.Signing up
Add askBetty to one of your workspaces and follow the prompts to purchase task credits and create an account through our secure Client Portal. Once you’ve purchased credits, simply type “Hey Betty! I need help with a task” to submit your first task.Requesting tasks
Open the askBetty Slack app and type Hey Betty with your specific task request. For example, “Hey Betty, I need to get three quotes for printing my annual report.” or “Hey Betty. Please make dinner reservations for four this Saturday.”Betty will quickly review your task and clarify any additional details before she gets to work. She’ll give you regular updates and will let you know when the task will take longer than one credit at the 15 minute mark.These are a few things you can do in the askBetty app:- Type Hey Betty, I need help with a task
– Select whether you need help with a specific task or if you need a dedicated virtual assistant
– When your task is complete you can [close] it or choose [keep open] if it needs more work
– Give a compliment – rate your task from one to five stars
– Access your account to see task credits, task history and update your profile
– If you’re getting low on credits, you can initiate a top up in Slack and complete the purchase in your account at the askBetty Client PortalItty-Bitty-Betty Task Bundles
Each itty-bitty-Betty task credit is good for one task up to 15 minutes in length. Tasks that take longer than 15 minutes will consume additional credits. If the task will take longer than 15 minutes, Betty will provide you with an estimate before she begins. Tasks are available for purchase in bundles of four, eight and twelve credits worth one hour, two hours and three hours of task completion time.Secure Purchases
askBetty uses Stripe, a third-party payment processor, to ensure secure transactions. This enables you to purchase credits for askBetty in a secure environment and allows Betty to pre-authorize purchases on your behalf using the credit card on file, without ever accessing your card.Security and Privacy
The security of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. Our Privacy Policy is available at
Our Terms of Service are available at
For any questions or suggestions for new features, email [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.askBetty is powered by Virtual Gurus, a talent-as-a-service marketplace, providing fractional, remote virtual assistant services for businesses in Canada and the United States.
If you’re interested in a dedicated virtual assistant, please connect with the Virtual Gurus at: [email protected]