Around Bring teams together

**Never ask again “who’s at the office?”**
Around tells you the best day to go to the office.COVID forced everyone to **work from home** and it made **collaboration hard**  We know teams need to meet but it’s a real struggle. Our real-time flex agenda is designed for teams that mix Office and Remote work.Thanks to our app, here what we help you with:- **We bring teams together**
Unleash creativity by meeting your squad at the office. The best team building always happens in real life – **We make Flex-work more social**
Plan to have a team lunch? Celebrate a birthday? Using Around, it’ll be a piece of cake – **We provide real data for office occupancy**
Whether it’s average or maximum attendance per day, discover now how many seats you need for your office! It’s easy to synchronize your Slack status with Around. In one-click, every employee can display his Around status within his Slack organization.Need a hand? Give us a shout at [email protected] and we’d be glad to help.