Arena for HubSpot Close more deals with Slack and HubSpot.

Connect HubSpot and Slack, and send real time updates when deals move – or don’t – and action them straight from Slack. Close more deals with a faster sales cycle
Pull together the right people exactly as they’re needed, with customizable notifications on deal movements. Don’t snooze, and loose
Remind the team when a deal hasn’t had activity in a while, and make sure things never go stale. Build momentum as a company
Build momentum with a virtual sales gong. Learn together as a team
Keep your marketing, product and executive team in the loop on big movements like deals lost. Action deals in Slack and save time
Avoid the hassle of changing contexts and action deals easily from Slack. For example, guide sales reps to log meetings when they have a call, and let them to log it easily in Slack.