Apttus MaxQuickly create, search, and make updates across the Apttus Middle Office

Max is a conversational virtual assistant that helps executives, casual users, and on-the-go employees use Apttus’ rich Middle Office applications for Quote-to-Cash and Contract Management.- Quick Workflows: Quick actions like “Clone Quote” and “Create NDA” enable casual users to tell Max what they need, and get there without needing to know the full the business process- Quick Search: Max responds to natural language searches, enabling users to pull up the information they need in a fraction of the time it takes to create a report or search for individual records- Conversational Intelligence: Max lets on-the-go users of Apttus use the terminology specific to their organization to work directly with their middle office data: “Push out the expiration of my Acme proposal to EOM”A commercial license is required to access Apttus Max

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