AppspaceReach your workforce – at work, at home, or on the go.

Your team may be geographically dispersed, but that doesn’t mean workplace communications need to suffer. From the C-suite to regional offices and lines of business, Appspace is the single, unified voice that is on brand, on target, and on time.

Appspace lets you:* View business updates typically found on digital signs in the workplace inside of Slack
* View rich data visualizations, reports, links to town hall recordings, announcements, and more in-line with team conversations
* Share business updates with the entire organization or with specific groupsHow It Works1. Create an Appspace account, you can get started for free here
2. Request activation of Slack features for your Appspace account
3. Link Slack with your Appspace account and your chosen channel(s)
4. Publish updates to your Appspace channel and see them in SlackLearn more at

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