Approved Simple and automated approvals for your team, right inside your Slack workspace.

The better, automated way to gather approvals, right inside your team’s Slack workspace.Spend less time jumping between chats, asking for sign-offs on simple tasks. Instead, let Approved do the legwork and simply keep you updated when a request has been completely approved or needs your attention. To help your team stay productive in light of the current situation, the Team Plan for Approved is free until the end of the year. Stay safe, stay productive!Key Features• Easy Approval Request Creation: Create them from any chat using the /approved slash command or one of the available shortcuts.
• Automated Sign-Offs: Approved asks each approver for their sign-off and gathers feedback from them when they turn down a request.
• Well-Timed Updates: Get notified when an approval request has either been entirely approved or gets a denial.
• File Attachments: Quickly add important files to add context to the request.
• Approver Groups: Create groups of approvers for your common request types, i.e. Invoice Approvers, Access Approvers.
• Discussion Channels: Create a discussion channel with all of the approvers in just one click to chat more about the request. Approved automaticaly archives the channel when the request has been resolved.
• Reminders: Set a time for Approved to follow up with you if approvals haven’t been received by that time and remind pending approvers in just one click.
• Request History: Keep a history of all of your current and previous requests and their outcomes.