Approvals Approvals & access tracking for your team

Create a effortless and fast approval process for your team in SlackShrink your approvals process down to a matter of minutes by integrating Approvals into you workflow. With customisable resource listings and approver groups, along with on-demand reports you can ensure your team remains compliant and secure while giving them time back to focus on the things that matter.Automate Approvals & Access Requests
Whether your team needs approval for purchases, policy exemptions or access to systems & resources, Approvals can have that sorted within a matter of minutesOn-demand Reporting
Speed up your access review process with up-to date reports so you know who should have access to your resources at any time.Custom Approvers & Resources
With customisable resource lists and approver groups, you can ensure that you have the right owners granting approval for their resources.Get in touch [email protected]