Alt Suite Alt Suite is a survey platform for improving the quality of corporate communication, working through a chat bot in Telegram and Slack.

AltSuite bot is your assistant at measuring productivity and improving the quality of corporate communication.98% of work problems are associated with poor communication and we know how to solve them! We turn the subjective feelings into objective statistics. AltSuite helps you:
– set up quick and easy HR reports
– improve communication between departments
– identify problems and achievements of employees
– adapt new employees
– prevent conflictsAltSuite has five type of assessment tools:
– Performance evaluation
– Update or daily reflection  
– KPI Departments assessment
– Free surveys (we can offer you survey templates: annual survey; job application survey, adaptation survey, dismissal interview)
– 360 Degree FeedbackWith AltSuite productivity evaluation becomes: everyday
surveys become a part of the work process automatic
AltSuite is a bot for messengers fast
it requires about 5 minutes to complete the survey

concrete criteria and user-friendly statistics to make productivity clear convenient for both employees and managers AltSuite works as a bot in Telegram and Slack Pricing: $3 per person per month. 60-Days Free Trial OfferAltSuite commands:
/start Integrate with AltSuite
/mycompany Add employees, create new surveys
/productivity Turn on daily productivity survey
/vacation Specify the vacation
/support Ask for help
/faq Frequently Asked Question