Alterra Answers Automatically respond to employees’ repetitive questions in Slack

Alterra Answers is an intelligent bot that lives in your Slack workspace and delivers fast, time-saving answers to your team, 24/7.Alterra Answers learns from your company’s knowledge base. When a team member asks a question in Slack, the bot instantly replies, reducing repetitive questions and saving your time. Alterra Answers understands natural language, so people can ask questions in their own words. It is as easy as asking a teammate. With up to 90% precision, Alterra Answers creates an unparalleled conversational experience.You can also use select messages from your Slack workspace to teach the bot how to answer new questions. The more information you put into it, the smarter it gets, and the more value it brings to your team.Common use cases across the company:* HR: Alterra bot provides instant answers to routine HR questions like requesting time off, travel expense reimbursement policy, health insurance, etc.  * IT Service Management: the bot can resolve routine IT requests and free up humans to work on more meaningful tasks.* Wiki search: the bot quickly retrieves information from the corporate wiki so your team can learn faster and get work done more productively.* Customer Support: if you use Slack for handling external customer support, the bot can boost the productivity of your agents by helping them find the right support articles faster.Get started for free at