Air Widget Slack widget for your website

AirWidget broadcasts messages from channels. It will increase the number of people in your community.How does it work?
1. Install the AirWidget application.
2. Choose which channels to broadcast, set the default channel, install the code on your site.
3. Share news with your community! All content (text, comments, emoji, pictures, links, videos and files) is available.Your community does not need to install Slack. It’s enough just to visit the site where the widget has been added. The widget will protect your Slack from spam.To customize the widget, use the following commands in your workspace (in DM with @slackbot or in any public channel): Share all public channels in widget
/share_allShare specified channel in widget
Example: /share #generalStop sharing specified channel in widget
Example: /unshare #randomStop sharing all channels in widget
/unshare_allVisible specified channel after page load
Example: /default #devGet html code of widget
/widget_codeShow AirWidget commands
/widget_commandsIf you need more help you can always reach us with
Provide your feedback as part of the command. For example: /widget_feedback I wish AirWidget could do the dishes