Agnya Agnya is the third eye for your organizational culture

Agnya is your company’s culture bot. It interacts with the employees and collects feedback regarding your company’s culture and calculates the culture KPIs (10 KPIs and 30 sub-KPIs), employee productivity, leadership styles, managerial styles to help you understand what needs to be changed. Agnya also enables behaviour modification for employees to induce culture change.
– Leverage AI driven technology to continuously assess Culture and its Drivers. Act before you have to react
– Employee psychology driven Workplace Experience framework to pin point strengths and weaknesses across 10 parameters and 30 sub-parameters
– Give power to Leaders and Managers across demographies to make culture change happen in organization
– Understand impact of prevalent culture drivers for course correctionAgnya Workplace Experience
– Get a real-time view of your company culture and employee productivity through AI NLP bot
– Drill down to the micro level to pinpoint the problem areas across demographies and compare with relate-able benchmarks
– A confidential listening ear to hear voice of employees
– Do target-culture setting get recommendations that enable you to design and deliver the target cultureAgnya Behaviour Modification
– Individual Leaders and Managers get an in-depth view of their respective styles
– System driven custom nudges and micro learning for behavior modification
– Custom designed and bot delivered nudges for value alignment and soft skill developmentAgnya PatOnBack
– Give virtual pat on back to your colleagues to doing a great job
– Increase recognition culture in your companyAgnya is a paid app. Agnya bot on Slack works with Agnya ( subscription. To activate full functionality write to us at [email protected]