Adz We Do Automated Facebook Ad Services

We make the ad creation process a breeze so you can focus more time on your business and less time posting ads.With our app you will get notified on the recent actions completed by rules.Adzwedo App on Slack will help you:-Staying up to date with rule actions of all ad accounts on any page without stopping your work in progress
– Fast tracking of campaign modifications made by the rule to better optimize your future campaigns
– Getting campaign specific rule insights and conditions that have been met
– Marking important notifications as unread and sorting them by “Show unread first” filter ¬†for further actionsWho can access Adzwedo App on Slack? – AdzWeDo Slack app is free for all members who have an AdzWeDo ¬†membership
– AdzWeDo has a free trial of 14 days and you can get started nowHow to install the App?- Login to your AdzWeDo account
– Install Slack using the “Add on Slack” Button from navigation menu
– Choose the workspace and the channel/direct messages that you would like to get the notificationsCongrats, you are done!