Ackly Track questions and celebrate the heroes in your engineering support channels

Keep your team’s questions acknowledged and answered
Providing question tracking and recognition has never been easierAckly keeps a pulse on your team and their services
  Tracks each question asked
  Tracks questions that are answeredAckly organizes action items for your teams
  Provides direct links to unanswered questions
  Lists questions to add to your knowledge baseAckly acknowledges the everyday heroes
  Recognizes a hero a day
  Recognizes additional heroes that assistedAckly creates friendly competition
  Configurable daily & weekly summariesHow does Ackly work?
 1. Ackly listens for questions posted in your support channels. A ‘question’ is any original message, which is why it’s important to use Slack Threads for replies.
 2. Ackly listens for when you acknowledge questions with the :ack: reaction.
 3. Ackly listens for when you resolve questions with the or   reactions.
 4. Ackly listens for when you mark a question that should be added to your knowledge base with the :kb: reaction.Don’t want Ackly to track a message or thread?
 1. Ackly stops tracking and deletes any prior tracking of a message marked with the :donottrack: reaction.
 2. Ackly deletes references to deleted messages.To install the :ack:, :kb: or :donottrack: emojis, see for links.Learn more about how teams use Ackly →