Accelo Integration View Accelo projects, activities, retainers, and more.

Accelo is a software system that boosts productivity and profitability for service businesses. It provides a platform for ServOps, CRM, sales, projects tracking, support ticketing, retainers, and reports. It is a “one-stop shop” solution for service businesses of all sizes.If you use Accelo, you probably interact with it often: checking budgets, project updates, recent tasks… Why not integrate Accelo into your Slack workspace to make this process seamless?With this Accelo Integration Slack App, you can view your Accelo Companies, retainers, projects, budgets, milestones, tasks, activities, all from Slack. You can link companies, projects, and retainers to Slack channels, so the commands become even easier.Note that the Slack App requests a read-only token so you can be assured there will be no modifications to your Accelo deployment data. Also note that this is a third-party integration and has no official affiliation or endorsement from Accelo.