360 Katas Open source 360 degree feedback tool for self-development and productivity.

Featured by Slack as ‘New & Noteworthy’ in August 2020!An open and positive work culture enhances the overall productivity of the team. Seeking and giving voluntary feedback builds generosity in the system and helps build such a culture. Also, our colleagues, who we spend most of our day time with, are the best people to give advice / feedback on our strengths and opportunities, thereby allowing us to plan our development goals and embark on a journey of self-improvement.360Katas is built to enable team members seek continuous feedback and use this to work on development goals by joining a learning group (coming soon) of like-minded people, thereby helping enhance employee engagement, work culture, and employee productivity.FAQs:
———1. We already use a HR software which has a module for performance appraisals, why do we need 360Katas?
360Katas can be used to seek 360 degree feedback from peers, managers, and reportees similar to what is done during a performance appraisal. However, 360Katas is unique in that it is used primarily to seek continuous feedback, commissioned by the individual and not part of the performance review conducted by the company! Also, we are laser focussed only on getting individuals insightful feedback and helping them act on it, unlike traditional tools like Lattice, Abot, HeyTaco, Polly, or other HR Apps, in which feedback is only a feature!2. Why anonymous feedback? Doesn’t it attract negative comments?
We believe anonymous feedback helps arrest human biases and enable individuals to act purely on the feedback received. In 360Katas, anonymous feedback is sought only from a closed set of people with each respondent aware of this fact, and hence negativity is usually avoided. We elaborated our thoughts further in this article.3. How it Works:
– Just tap on Start in the App Home
– Select the people you want anonymous feedback from and edit the questions if needed
– The selected recipients will get a message from 360Katas to respond to the feedback request
– Once sufficient responses are received, you will be notified to review the feedbackThrough the same flow, managers can run an anonymous employee satisfaction survey, pulse survey, or feedback on organization culture!”A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
– Karen Lamb