WordPress Maintenance & Web Site Support

we provide personalized WordPress maintenance
with your personal assistance manager


Web Designer

The assistance I took from Basilis and the team, was amazing. I am a designer so having someone to take care of the hard work for my own site but client sites also, is a big plus for my business. I can now focus to what is important and not to solve problems problems that take time!


Consulting Agency

The most important thing, when running multiple ecommerce stores for your clients, is to know that someone has your back. I have registered with creativeG and from that moment after, I enjoy to scale my business and work only on things that I am good at.


Fashion Designer

The most important thing, when running multiple ecommerce stores for your clients, is to know that someone has your back. I have registered with creativeG and from that moment after, I enjoy to scale my business and work only on things that I am good at.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance, is not rocket science. While we are the top fans of Elton Musk and his work with SpaceX we will be honest with you that we can not build a rocket. We can although manage your WordPress Web Site, make sure it is functional, operates well and… it is fast as a rocket!

3 reasons to get maintenance plan now.

Critical services

You need to rest in the knowledge that when something goes wrong, you’ve got someone looking out for you, which is why restoring from backups and a security audit are provided to every client at no charge.

WordPress expertise

Since we’re already working with you, we offer a discounted retainer rate on additional website maintenance and support services.

Compatibility Support

Ever updated WordPress, a theme, or a plugin and found out something broke? We offer up to 1 hour of compatibility support. If we can’t fix it within that time, we will rollback to your latest update and contact you with recommendations.

Ready for your personal WordPress Professional Assistant?

WordPress Maintenance 24 / 7

WP Support

Our experience team, will go ahead and solve any problem you deal with your WordPress Web Site, at no time. WordPress, Theme, Plugin, WooCommerce or any other installation or issue, we covere it. If we can not solve it, noone else can do. Quality Guarantee!

CSS Issues

Working with CSS can many times be a huge problem. On our maintenance Plans, we do cover simple CSS issues that you might be dealing with and you need someone to help you solve it, without hassle and loosing time.


Applying updates to WordPress, Plugins and Themes ensures that security issues are quickly patched and your web site will be running properly. Updating a WordPress site requires time and effort to make sure that everything is working properly and no miskates have been made.


We are monitoring your web site – 24 / 7 to make sure that everything is running smoothly and there are no downtime. Having your users been able to find what they need, complete their orders with no disruption of service is your number one priority.


Partnering with Sucuri & WordFence guarantees that your WordPress site will be safe and secure with daily monitoring and cleanup. No more issues that will harm your visitors and SEO, drop sales, ban from gooel and make your users loose trust with your business.

Speed Performance

Web Site Speed is the most important factor for any web site. We take care of loading time, Images Compression and Web Site Performance. We make sure your visitors will never leave your site because of waiting or you will loose a sale because of a slow loading web site.

Cloud Backup

We are running backups to cloud so you can restore your web site to any point that we have available. We make sure your your business and files are always safe and accessible for you at any point. Files or Database can be restored without any convenience.

Project Manager

We are the only dedicated WordPress Maintenance service, where you have your own Project Manager where you speak at. He will guide you, help you understand and get the most value for your business. We devote our resources to help you manage your web site and consult you.

Ask us Anything

You have a question for us that is not listed here? We are open to listen your requests. We are always working hard to keep open communication with our users to help us improve and make our business better.
Contact us now, it is free!

Why you and not someone else?
Because we are not just providing technical assistance. We will be a partner for you and your business. We provide quality time and try to help you not only manage your web site but also grow your business.

How do we communicate?
We are the only agent that offer top quality communication with different channels. We have Customer Agents who will assist you through email, slack or Meister Task a power full task management system

Is your Support Unlimited?
In a way, it is! We will not limited you, on how many requests you can do with us, we only limit them to be one at a time, so we can focus the best we can on your issue. If there is something that gets out of the quick tasks idea, we will make sure to let you know, before we move forward with your request. Do not worry for the cost, you have a discount for using our maintenance plans!

Which are your Support Hours?
We are a 24 / 7 hours business, because that is what you need. We do not have office hours and we try to keep our reply rate under 30min. We have Customer Ahgents who are dedicated to you and your business all around the world.

Can I have a discount for more than one sites?
Our addon domains service is already discounted for you, because we think of our clients before they ask! If you although want to do a Bulk Order, we are here to help you out. Feel free to contact us, and we will bring for you, the best solution.

Do you do hosting?
We are afraid no. We do although have a list of suggested hosting providers and we will be happy to provide you some information regarding that. We do although help you debug any issues with your hosting provider or even offload the communication with them from your back. We are here for you, for any of your business problems.

What if I do not need Monthly Support?
If you feel comfortable to do the work your self, that is OK from us. After 12 years in the business although, we figured out that our clients need us either for small tasks, or a consultation for their Business. If you still want us to fix a quick css or WordPress task for you, we are still here.

Do you WhiteLabel your service?
Yes, we do. Clients are yours and we even setup all the application model for you, so we can manage your clients and you keep all the information and billing on your side. You do not have to do anything from your side, rather than just grow your business while we keep a 100% satisfaction rate for your clients! Contact Us Now.

What is your Refund Policy?
We offer a 100% fully guaranteed refund during the first 30 days of service ( first month ). 12 years now in Business, we have had only 4 refunds of client work, and we do believe that is success of good communication and understand of client needs. We will do our best for you, until you are satisfied.

Ready for your personal WordPress Professional Assistant?

Why us and not someone else?


our success is based on good communication and project oriented solutions that we deliver to each client


we only take a specific amount of clients per maintenance plan, to be able to offer our exclusive packages


different backup servers that we use for protecting our client business and secure their data


project managers who will help you by explaining and justify your tasks properly


small WordPress or CSS / HTML fixes completed inside the same day making sure for perfect end result

we are the only agency who connects with you on live, through slack. We use Slack as that way you can bring any of your team members online to communicate with us and organize the way you need.


we are the only maintenance service provider who uses a Project Management Tool to keep you updated for all the processes that take in place into your web site. Our Customer Agents keep the communication up and make sure all the processes run smoothly for you!


Graphic Designer

Coding is not something that I love to do or I want to spend my time on. creativeG came into the rescue and they helped me not only manage my web site, but to increase my revenue as I have had the chance to resell the service to my clients. No hustle and extra money, oh what a joy!


Web Developer

While coding and managing is something that I do in my daily job, I wanted to avoid spend time on that for my clients. I have outsourced the work and now I focus on bigger projects and higher results. I am still getting my commotion each month, which is helping me scale my business.


Restaurant Owner

I know how to cook, I know how to bake but managing our Restaurants web site is a pain. I devoted to Basilis and his team from the first day I have met them and now, 5 restaurants after and 6 years, they still do their magic for all of my network. Those guys are the butter to my self backed breads!

The 24 / 7 WordPress Maintenance Service

Imagine you are at the beach, drinking an ice cold Mohito.

Imagine you are relaxing and listening to music.

Image that you are enjoying your time with friends in a BBQ.

And then your site goes down.

You start loosing customers, your ecommerce payment does not go through.

Your web site shows a Malware Warning for any visitors. Google Punish you for that and all your hard SEO work is done.

That is not what will happen to YOU. Why?

Because we are responsible for your WordPress Maintenance.