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We will solve any task in less than 1h else your money back. Guarantee.

Qualified WordPress Experts with 10 years experience.

We are the guys behind the ” 3% WordPress Experts ” that others advertise and sell with high fees. Hire us to do the WordPress Work, with a fair price. We will help you with your site, while you focus on sales. That is what e-business is about.

How we are Fixing WordPress Sites

We are the TOP of our class, on what we are doing.
From large projects to small fixes, we have you covered.

Your Problems

We help you offload Quick WordPress work. WordPress Installation, WordPress Minigration, Theme or Plugin issues, WooCommerce Problems are some of the issues we can help you. Go ahead with a task for us and you will be impressed from our work.

Our Process

When you submit your task, we get a notification with the request. We start immediately to work on your issue so we can offer a solution for you as soon as possible. Big or Small task, doesn’t really matter. We are here to provide solutions, guarantee.

Our Promise

Quality Insurance and protection. We are the only ” WordPress Fix Service Provider ” into the industry that provides quality work and insurance for 6 months after we have completed and the task. That is what you should call, good investment of money!

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Malware Removal
CSS Fixes
Theme & Plugin Updates
WordPress Fixes
WordPress Speed
WooCommerce Support & Easy Digital Downloads


we will fix your specific problem in less than 2h or your money back


Why you and not someone else? Because we are not just providing technical assistance. We will be a partner for you and your business. We provide quality time and try to help you not only manage your web site but also grow your business.

Can you take care my site? Yeap, we have you covered with that also. Feel free to check our WordPress Maintenance Service. We cover all the needs you have related to your WordPress Site Maintenance. Security, Speed, Fixes. We will help you clear your head and focus to what matters!

Do you work with Agencies? Daily! Our B2B connections are huge. We do help them offload their work and catch up with any extreme deadlines, because that is where we are good at. If you want to work with us on a B2B business, it is better to contact us so we can offer you our help in a better, monthly cost.

Do you do hosting? We are afraid no. We do although have a list of suggested hosted providers and we will be happy to provide you some informations regarding that. We do although help you debug any info issues with your hosting provider or even offload the communication with them from your back. We are here for you, for any of your business problems.

What are our Support Hours? We are a 24 / 7 hours business, because that is what you need. We do not have office hours and we try to keep our reply rate under 30min. We have Project Managers who are dedicated to you and your business all around the world.

Can I have a discount for more than one tasks? We do offer a discount, when you have many requests for us. The best discounting although is if we also work on your WordPress Web Site Maintenance. For any of our other services, you can always contact us and we will do our best for you, that is a promise.

How long are you in Business? We have been for 12 years now and as you also run a business you understand that we do something really good, to survive for so long. We love what we do and we plan to be here for a lot more time ( well, that also depends on your love ).

Do you do custom work? Yes, we do offer that service. Before we start although on that, lets do a Free Consultation to define what you need and help you with a proper direction. There is no reason to spend money, before you are sure what you need and how it works.

What a WP Task covers? We will do any type of work that requires 1h of our time. WordPress issues with your Installation, Theme and CSS modification, a Plugin Problem or something related to that. We are here to help you, so we will do our best to find your solution in no time.

Do you WhiteLabel your service? Yes, we do. Clients are yours and we even setup all the application model for you, so we can manage your clients and you keep all the informations and billing on your side. You do not have to do anything from your side, rather than just grow your business while we keep a 100% satisfaction rate for your clients! Contact Us Now.

What is your Refund Policy? We offer a 100% fully guaranteed refund during the first 30 days of service ( first month ). 12 years now in Business, we have had only 4 refunds of client work, and we do believe that is success of good communication and understand of client needs. We will do our best for you, until you are satisfied.

Is your Support Unlimited? In a way, it is! We will not limit you on how many requests you can do with us, we only limit them to be one at a time, so we can focus the best we can on your issue. If there is something that gets out of the quick tasks idea, we will make sure to let you know, before we move forward with your request.

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