Write copy for product pages

1. Stick to relevant words and phrases, get to the point quickly, and give important information at the beginning of the copy to inform and educate readers who skim pages.

2. Use short words, sentences, and paragraphs to save the reader’s time.

For example, Firebox’s copy is straightforward, simple, and free from marketing jargon or complex words.

3. Pitch products in one sentence to quickly convey their value.

For example, Uber uses a format that tells users if they do X, then Y will happen. 

4. Carry out customer surveys and interviews to collect data like customer behavior, purchase drivers, obstacles, and buyer mindset to create buyer personas.

5. Use your buyer personas to create copy relevant to your target audience.

For example, this copy for Chubbies’ Shorts looks unusual but speaks directly to a specific target audience.

6. Study product reviews and mimic the language your target audience uses to boost trust and purchase intention.

For example, Joanna Wiebe used a direct quote from Amazon book reviews to create this therapy center’s homepage headline. 

7. Use research tools like Copytesting to identify and fix shortfalls.

Copytesting gives you insights on your copy straight from your target audience to help you identify what needs to be improved.