Use Templates from the Webflow Marketplace

1. Click Showcase on the Webflow dashboard page and enter keywords related to your site to search for a template to use.

For example, if you would like to create a blog, you could search for Free Blog Template and get a list of blog templates to choose from. There are multiple generic free templates that offer a head start to website design, and they’re often also created with web design best design practices in mind.

2. Click the Clone icon on the lower right side of your chosen template and enter your Project name in the pop-up Clone Project window.

3. Edit page Elements like headings, content, and navigation menus, and click Publish to publish your new site.

4. If you want to publish your site to the marketplace as a template, navigate to Showcase, click Showcase your site, select your project, enter a Title, Description, and Tags, turn Others can clone this project and use it for anything on, and click Create Showcase Page.

Webflow marketplace is a good place to showcase your site, and others can clone your site for free. Alternatively, you could publish a paid template and other users can pay you to clone it.