Use storytelling in conversion optimization

1. Generate awareness and interest by using visuals that help customers to associate themselves with your product.

For example, Men’s Wearhouse used this video to make people aware of its new collection. They showed this image of a man in a tailored suit to help customers imagine how they or their loved ones could look in it. Combined with the caption, the image also influences customers’ perception. The fact that he’s holding a drink would lead most people’s minds to automatically provide a backdrop, placing the model at a high profile party or event.

2. Generate and maintain interest by using images and copy that help customers to visualize products and resolve any doubts.

For example, the Men’s Wearhouse website features images that help users visualize what the clothes would look like both on them and in their closet; as well as offers like Buy One Get One Free, to instantly resolve any doubts about pricing.

3. Instill and fulfill customer’s desires with product descriptions that appeal to their emotions, options, and special offers.

For example, the image below shows how customers can sort shirts by brand, size, price, style, color, and material. This example goes deeper and continues to show how a customer’s desires can be fulfilled by featuring ratings and color options on individual product pages.

4. Use your descriptions to tell stories that appeal to customers’ vanity and emotions to instill desire.

For example, Jos A. Bank describes their products in a way that allows customers to visualize already owning them.

5. Earn customer trust by adding in-depth testimonials to your product pages.

For example, Jos A. Bank offers deep and detailed reviews for all their products.

6. Make the checkout quick and easy to complete the story.

For example, Men’s Warehouse uses a persistent shopping cart on all their pages that allows visitors to become paying customers in just 5-9 clicks.

7. Continue telling the story through copy and images in post-purchase communications like order confirmations and shipping notices.