Use images to improve conversion rates

1. Pick a default image that's shown at full size, and display clickable thumbnails that produce enlarged images.

2. Show as many alternate, detailed views and angles as you can.

Give users a feel for your products.

3. Show products in context.

Selling a couch? Show it in a fully designed room. Selling clothes? Show customers what they look like when they’re wearing them.

4. Let users zoom in to see the details.

This is especially important if your products have ornate details.

5. Use images of real people instead of cheesy stock photos.

Almost any random picture will be better than a stock photo.

6. Use images that draw attention to your products.

A well-known eye tracking study confirmed that images can be used to draw attention to your product or copy.

7. Know your audience and how they may perceive your images.

Men and women look at the same things differently, and people in different countries also act differently. For example, an eye tracking study conducted by Miratech, measured how men and women look at the same photo of a sexy young women. They found that men focused on the women’s chest, while women looked at her ring.

8. Test 360° rotating images to find out whether they improve your conversion rates.

Rotating product images can be created by taking a series of pictures, frames, of a product or object, on a computer-controlled turntable.

9. Add product images to your site search.

Online retailer BrickHouse Security got a 100% lift in conversion rates among customers who used their site search after adding product images in their site search drop-down window.

10. Use photos of real people on landing pages.