Upsell in transactional emails

1. Go to the transactional email template for the product or service you want to upsell, open the body content in the editor, and insert a text block under the transactional information.

Transactional emails are any emails sent after an order or action has taken place by a user. For example, order receipt emails, shipping updates, order confirmation emails, post-purchase, or thank you emails. Normally these emails contain important details about a user’s order or action. Like purchase amount, reference code, receipts, and tracking codes.

2. Insert a compelling headline into the text block you inserted underneath the transactional information.

It’s often a good idea to push a special offer or deal to try and upsell. For example, you might offer free shipping on a deluxe version of a product or 50% off the gold package for a service for the first month. However, you do not need to give the user a special offer. Example headlines: Want to get more out of [productname]? Have you thought about upgrading? [FIRSTNAME], This might be perfect for you! Upgrade and get 10% off your first month! Get [upgrade name] for just $10 more! Buy/upgrade now and we’ll give you [insert special offer]… just because we love you What else do you need [FIRSTNAME]?

3. Under your headline, insert the benefits of upgrading over the existing purchased product or service.

You can also include any offer or discount you may wish to offer. Examples: For an extra $10 you’ll get [insert what they get with the upgraded version] Upgrade now for just $xx and not only will you get all the amazing benefits of [purchased product/service] but you’ll also get [Insert upgrade benefits] for just $xx more. If using a discount or offer to upsell, make sure you highlight this in your copy. For example: Upgrade now with discount code DISCOUNT20 and get [insert benefits of upgrade] for just $$! Saving you a massive 20%. If using images, ensure the image is under 1MB, and if promoting multiple products, keep product images to 3 or fewer. This is because the more images you include, the more likely it is your email may end up in spam, which you want to avoid, especially as the main focus of the email is transactional information and upselling is secondary.

4. Insert a compelling call to action in a form of a button, and include any special offers or time limits.

For example, Upgrade now and save 20% for the next 24 hours.

5. Test your email to check for rendering and spam issues.

Because transactional emails contain important information, any sales-focused additions need to be done with care. Use a spam checking service like Mailtester or Litmus to ensure no spam issues.