Track Facebook Ads in Google Analytics

1. Navigate to the ad level in Facebook Ads Manager and click Build a URL parameter under website URL.

Enter Facebook as the campaign source parameter and cpc as the campaign medium parameter. Use {{}} as the campaign name parameter. This will automatically pass the campaign name through to Google Analytics. Use {{}} to automatically pass the ad set name.

2. In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > All traffic > Source/Medium. Traffic from your Facebook Ads will show as facebook / cpc in the report.

3. Click on Facebook / cpc > Secondary dimension then select campaign from the drop-down menu.

This will give you an overview of the performance of your Facebook campaigns.

4. Click on Secondary dimension again and select content from the drop-down menu.

You will now see an overview of your ad sets.

5. Check the campaign and ad set spend in Facebook Ads Manager.

6. Check your success metrics data such as goal conversions, e-commerce transactions, and revenue. See how each of the ad groups and campaigns contributes to your business goals.

7. Identify the campaigns and ad sets that generate high spend which don’t contribute to your business goals.

Consider pausing these campaigns or adjusting the settings for example, testing a smaller target audience or choosing a different landing page.

8. Identify the campaigns and ad sets that perform well and scale them by increasing the spend and the reach.

9. Check your ad spend and success metrics on an ongoing basis and use data insights from past campaigns when creating new ones.