Set up LinkedIn outreach with Phantombuster

1. Create a Google Sheet with a column for a user's LinkedIn URL, and a column for the message you want to send in the connection request.

2. Register for a Phantombuster account and select the LinkedIn Network Booster automation.

3. Make your Google Sheet shareable and editable by everyone.

4. Paste the URL of the Sheet into Phantombuster’s Network Booster.

5. Map your LinkedIn URL column and Message column from Google Sheet to the Network Booster by the column names.

6. Add your session cookie to Phantombuster, so it can send connection requests on your behalf.

7. Configure your scheduling in Phantombuster so that it runs in the background.

As new LinkedIn URLs are added to the Google Sheet, it will automatically reach out and send them a connection request. Optionally, consider adding a proxy to Phantombuster to avoid detection by LinkedIn.