Set up countdown timers in emails

1. Sign up for an email countdown app.

Sendric and Countdownmail are excellent countdown timer apps that work well with most email platforms.

2. Open your chosen countdown app and create a new timer. Set your timer end date and time.

Many countdown apps allow you to customize the background color of your timer to fit in with your email’s color scheme.

3. With your countdown details set, save your timer and copy its HTML code. Open the email you wish to add the timer to.

4. Drag a text block to the area you wish to add your timer to. Open the source code for the text block.

Do not add a countdown timer to a column in a split email. It will not render correctly in some inboxes. To access the source code option, look in the top right of your editor it will be labeled as Source or HTML, or it may just be an icon like .

5. Paste the HTML code from your timer into the source code box.

Your time should now be displayed on your email. If you need to adjust the end date or time, do so in the app. It will automatically update the timer in your emails.