Set up a welcome email series

1. Navigate to your automation tab in your email platform and create a new flow/automation and (if applicable) select the pre-built welcome flow.

If pre-built flows are available, select the Welcome flow. The trigger will be set up automatically. If your email marketing platform doesn’t offer pre-built flows, set up the trigger – subscribed to list – manually, then insert each required block. Refer to your platform’s automation documentation. The first email in this flow should be triggered immediately. No need to add a time delay.

2. Open the first email block after the trigger and give it a welcoming and compelling subject line.

Some good welcome email subject lines: Welcome! You’re now part of the club Curious about our world? Welcome to [your brand name]! You’re in! Find out all about us Welcome [firstname]! Let’s get started You’ve made an excellent choice [firstname] find out why If you have used a discount to drive new signups, mention the discount in your subject line. For example: Welcome [FIRSTNAME]! Your 10% voucher is inside Thanks for joining the club! Enjoy 10% off your first purchase Let’s start off on the right foot with 10% off Yay! You’ve acquired 10% off your first purchase

3. Create a headline in the email's body that thanks the reader for signing up, highlights any discount or special offer, and gives them a reason to keep reading.

Welcome email headline examples: HELLO [FIRSTNAME] LET’S GET STARTED Thanks for joining us. Awesome stuff is about to come your way Nice to meet you [FIRSTNAME]. Let’s get started with 10% off your first purchase Time for a proper introduction [FIRSTNAME] Welcome! Here’s your “hello nice to meet you” 10% off voucher! If you use a hero image, ensure you repeat any important information contained in it as body text.

4. Write your main content after the headline or hero image and include unique selling points, details of special welcome offers and how to get them, CTA, and visible contact us link.

A rough guide of what to include is: What the reader can expect from you: discounts, special offers, new products, great content. A link to your bestselling products, services, or content. An incentive to engage: a welcome discount, a free piece of content, a free trial. The CTA should give them a reason to take an action. For example: See all our bestsellers now Shop now with your 10% off welcome discount Get awesome free content now Find out more about how we can help you [solve a specific problem]

5. Insert a time delay of 3 days after your first email, create another email that will follow up on the first email, and give it a compelling subject line.

For example: [FIRSTNAME] Just following up! More good stuff inside! [FIRSTNAME] Some more awesome stuff you should know Hey! Don’t forget your welcome discount

6. Write email content that includes details about you and your team, mission statement, promotes your social media channels, and reminds them of their special offer or discount.

At minimum this email should include: An overview of who you are and your business’s unique selling point – keep it concise. Any secondary features, benefits or offers not mentioned in the first email. Links to all your social media channels. A section showcasing what you have to offer. Reiteration of any discount or offer given in the first email, along with a time pressure. Alert them to any special upcoming sales or events. For example, Keep an eye out for our monthly 50% off sale. If you have a lot of information, or multiple features or offers, consider splitting this content across two emails rather than stuffing it all into one. Include a time delay of 2 days between this second email and the third one.

7. Add another time delay of 3 days and insert a third email that lets the user know their welcome offer or discount is about to end.

Give this email a compelling subject line. For example: Last chance to use your welcome discount Your 10% off welcome offer expires in 12 hours Oh no, [FIRSTNAME]! You are about to miss out! [FIRSTNAME] Don’t forget your 10% off voucher ends today Last day to get 10% off our bestsellers.

8. Create a compelling headline that lets the user know their offer is ending soon and a sales-focused email body content.

The email body should include: Details of their welcome offer and how to use it, along with when it will expire. Showcase your bestselling products or services A strong final CTA like: Use your 10% off welcome voucher on our bestsellers Join before midnight and get your first month free Shop now and get free shipping until midnight Click here to see why our customers love us.

9. Link customer testimonials or social proofs and write a compelling CTA.

Social proof or testimonials or reviews are a strong conversion driver. Some good example calls to action: Don’t take our word for how awesome we are; see what our customers think See just how much our customers love us. You’ve heard from us… Now hear from our community Click here to see how happy our customers are Include a visible contact us link somewhere in your email, in case new users have any questions. If you have a lot of content to share, extend the length of this flow by adding in additional emails as required. Add a 3-day delay between each email and try and keep the whole flow to under 6 emails in total.

10. Test all emails in the series by sending yourself previews of each or use a service like Litmus to test your emails across multiple devices and inboxes automatically.