Set up a Microsoft Ads account

1. Open Microsoft Ads and click on Signup now in the top toolbar to link your Microsoft account.

2. Enter your legal business name and other necessary credentials on the Create Account page.

While entering details of your business account, make sure you’re entering the details of your business location, not details of your targeting country.

3. Agree to Microsoft's terms and conditions and click on Create Account.

4. If you have campaigns already set up in Google Ads, select Import from Google Ads and log in to your Google account.

5. If you don’t currently have any Google campaigns or simply want to start fresh, select Create a new campaign.

6. Set up an ad campaign, or skip this step for now by clicking on Skip campaign creation.

7. Add your billing information and select a payment method from the Billing options dropdown list.

Prepay: Allows you to add funds to your account and have charges deducted from those funds.  Postpay option: Allows you to pay after charges accrue.

8. Click on Next to go to your Microsoft Ads dashboard.