Run influencer marketing giveaways

1. Connect the giveaway to a larger brand, social media, or product launch goal.

2. Choose a product to base the promotion around.

3. Identify the channels on which your audience is most likely to respond to giveaways.

4. Research the legal requirements of a giveaway campaign on the channels you have identified.

5. Identify and reach out to influencers who match your audience, chosen channels, and brand personality.

6. Set basic ground rules for your giveaway, including a schedule, the number of products given away, how to participate, and how winners will receive the product.

7. Give your chosen influencers instructions for how and when they should promote the giveaway.

8. Track the reach and engagement of your giveaway campaign to estimate its success.

9. Write down any learnings from the campaign to apply to future giveaways.