Promote an ebook

1. In Google Analytics, navigate to Behavior > Site Content > Page views to identify blog posts with the highest number of unique page views.

2. Add inline calls to action like Download the ebook on the most-visited blog posts, or use tools like OptinMonster to add pop-up banners.

Do this only if the topic of the ebook is related to the article’s topic.

3. Post images, stats, or quotes from your ebook to your social media accounts to tease its value.

Search for communities and groups where your target users are likely to be present, and share some content for free to attract new readers. Check the community or group’s guidelines before posting, as some of them don’t allow self-promotion.

4. Write a new blog post on a topic that relates to your ebook and add CTAs for users to download your ebook.

For example, for an ebook focused on how to increase SaaS retention, you could publish a blog post on increasing customer acquisition costs.

5. Syndicate your supporting blog post on content sharing platforms like Medium and link back to a landing page for the ebook.

Search for a publication that is likely to be followed by your target users to increase the chances of attracting new readers and customers. Read the publication guidelines to see if they accept an already published article or if you have to send a draft that was not published anywhere else before.

6. Send your ebook to existing email subscribers - if the topic isn’t relevant to all subscribers, segment your audience first.

You can send a survey beforehand to ask about their most urgent problem and send the ebook to those whose most-pressing issue aligns with your ebook topic.

7. Reach out to influencers and micro-influencers in your niche who are followed by your target audience, and offer to give away a couple of ebooks to their readers.

Alternatively, you can pitch the topic of your supporting article, if they have a blog that accepts guest posts. To find influencers, you can use tools like SparkToro, SocialBakers, BuzzSumo, or Followerwonk.

8. Create a paid social media campaign or a Google Ads campaign to reach a more focused audience with interests related to the topic of your ebook.

Alternatively, you can use Amazon advertising if your ebook is listed in their marketplace.