Optimize your internal site search

1. In Google Analytics, go to Admin > View Settings > Enable Site Search Tracking to check whether you're tracking website searches.

In the query parameter field, add q, advq to track and analyze both basic and advanced search queries.

2. Place your search bar in the center of the page, use brand colors, set the height to at least 18 pixels, and add a short call to action within the search box with a text opacity of 60%.

3. Go to Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms to identify terms with a high search exit percentage.

Select the column titled Search Exits and sort by the highest number. Select refined keywords and identify the keywords that are related to your highest search exit word.

4. Find products that match search terms with high exit rates, and tag them using search terms and variants.

For example, if you see that coffee table has a high search exit percentage, look for coffee tables in your catalog, and add tags like: coffee table, luxury coffee table, luxury.

5. Ask your development team to modify the search results page based on customer segments to feature similar products in the same tag category if no results are found.

6. Add filters to your results page to allow users to sort products by price, brand, or popularity.

7. Ask your development team to modify the search results page to include similarly priced products when a user searches for specific price points.

Include suggested products that fit the same price range in the first 6-9 products shown. For example, if users search for a Nikon camera with a price of $100, also add a suggestion for Fujifilm cameras that are priced at $100.