Optimize your homepage design and credibility

1. Remove high contrast colors and interactive banners that might distract users from performing the desired action.

2. Create smaller navigation menus that don’t take up a lot of screen space.

3. Use a cohesive theme with a limited number of fonts and colors.

4. Place the primary CTAs near the top of the page and if possible, remove secondary and tertiary CTAs.

If not, make them smaller, less noticeable, and place them away from the primary CTA.

5. Place ads away from your homepage, or place small ads at the bottom.

Place advertisements next to each other and away from CTAs. Create ads that differ from your CTAs, otherwise customers might confuse them.

6. Design promotional banners that don’t resemble ads and are in-sync with the rest of the website design, by using similar colors and fonts.

Use neutral colors that are complementary to the rest of the design. Use high-quality images and copy, instead of just copy.

7. Create small social media buttons that follow the same color scheme as the rest of your website, and place them in the footer of the page.

Use the top of the page to highlight promotions, sales, and other unique offers. Use the extra space to place incentives, such as discount codes and sales.

8. Use responsive design and elements such as store locators and loading and scrolling animations.

9. Hire a professional photographer instead of using stock photos and maintain a consistent style for product images.

For example, use backgrounds in all pictures or place all products on a white background. Take shots of individual products, both as full-size photos and as close-ups. Create some shots that incorporate multiple products from the same category, so you can reuse them both in product pages and in bundles. For example, if you’re taking photos of a bed you’re selling, add some pillows, mattresses, and blankets too.