Optimize your checkout flow

1. Add the option to checkout as guest to cater to users looking for a fast frictionless checkout process.

You can still display the option to register, next to the Checkout as guest option, to offer users the choice. Alternatively, you can ask visitors to create an account on the confirmation page.

2. Display a progress bar to show users how close they are to completing the purchase.

Typical steps in the progress bar: Contact information, Shipping, Payment, and Confirmation.

3. Add trust symbols to increase the checkout conversion rates.

Display the badges prominently on each checkout page. Examples: Safe checkout, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, SSL Certificate, Verified Payments, and Trusted Shop.

4. Offer payment methods that are popular locally.

Credit card payments and Paypal are a must in almost every location. Apple Pay is a good choice especially if you offer premium products. In several European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, or Austria, online banking methods such as Sofort or iDeal, are a good addition. Installment payments are a good choice if you offer expensive products; Klarna, Affirm, or SplitIt are a couple of partners to consider.

5. Remind visitors of the additional service benefits on the checkout pages.

Mention things like free shipping or fast shipping throughout the checkout process, if applicable. Mention the return policy, for example, “30-day free return”, on every checkout page.

6. Show product details in the cart and checkout process.

Add a small picture of the product in the checkout flow to increase conversion rates. Add a short product description to ensure users that they’re buying the right product, for example, Nike Pegasus 16, Size 37, Black-White.

7. Display additional incentives in the checkout process.

Add limited-time offers like Buy now and save 5%, to the checkout page. Add discounts for first-time buyers. Offer a free gift for orders exceeding a certain value, for example, Free welcome pack for orders > 50$.

8. Offer live chat support in the checkout flow.

This will allow users to get answers if they have any question during the checkout process.