Optimize mobile landing pages

1. Create an account on a website such as UnDelay, or a similar alternative, to make quick edits to your landing page.

UnDelay allows you to make edits fast to your landing page, and add page elements for the mobile or desktop version.

2. Add a click to call button on your landing page to help users easily access information.

Drag the button element on the landing page and position it after the headline or CTA text. Name the button Call Now or Click To Call to direct people towards a direct call. Add the phone number and select the action to call when people click on the button.

3. Re-write your landing page copy and keep only important information on the mobile version of your page.

For example, delete information that can be added on a separate page to preserve space on the page. Rephrase your headings and body copy to match the size of the landing page.

4. Decrease the amount of information on your landing page by creating new pages on your website, on a specific topic.

For example, create pages for FAQ or Product Details, and use buttons on the landing page to direct traffic to the pages.

5. Add new CTA buttons on the landing page, to direct users to new pages that contain additional information.

Place buttons underneath the click to call button and separate them with a divider or white space. Give each button a name to coincide with the content of the new page they are accessing. Add 2-4 buttons depending on the amount of information you want to share with your users. For example, add a button titled View Inventory, and direct users to a page that contains your entire inventory.

6. Add a header and footer to your mobile landing page, and select the option to stick them to the top and bottom of the page.

When you stick the header to the top of the page, the header will always be visible at the top when scrolling through the page. Create a menu in the header to make information to users more accessible.

7. Add email capture pop-ups to your mobile landing page, and place them at the bottom of the page.

Size your pop-ups, not to take more than 65% of the page. Add a visible exit marker for people to close the pop-up at any time. Select between email capture or CTA pop-ups, to increase conversions on your page.