Optimize a landing page for conversions

1. Keep the most important information above the fold to prevent unnecessary scrolling.

Elements that should be visible above the fold of the page so that the user doesn’t have to scroll down to see them: CTA button. Product image or video. Value proposition. Headline. A few highlighted testimonials. Trust symbols. A longer product or service description, technical details, and further product reviews, can be placed below the fold of the page.

2. Write a value proposition in a simple, structured, yet powerful format.

Your value proposition should consist of the following: The main headline. For example, “A powerful solution for all your HR needs”. A supporting sub-headline. For example, “Simplify your process and save money and time”. Minimum of three bullet points explaining product or service features, as benefits. Avoid using long blocks of text above the fold.

3. Add product images or video to present your product in a visually attractive way.

Use the image of the product itself or context of use. For services, you can also add a short explainer video.

4. Use prominent CTA buttons to focus the user's attention.

Place strong calls-to-action above the fold of the page. Use color contrast to make sure the button is visible. Use copy motivating the user to take the action for example, Shop Now or Download Free Trial Now.

5. Mention additional service levels that you offer to nudge the user towards the purchase.

For example, information about free or fast shipping, 3-Year warranty, or 14-day hassle-free return.

6. Add trust symbols and other badges.

Add trust and security badges such as SSL Certificates, 100% satisfaction guarantee badges, and Secure Payment badges. Display the logos of accepted payment methods.

7. Use social proof on the landing page to build the trust.

Display star reviews on your landing page. Add quotes from customer testimonials or reviews of your products. Mention the awards that your products or services have won.

8. Add the necessary product or service info.

Make sure the information your user is looking for is available on the landing page. For example, for clothes and shoes, include the size, sizing charts, color, and price. For technical products include the important technical parameters, for example, screen or hard disk drive size.