Measure Google Ads performance

1. In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > All traffic > Source/Medium, compare your traffic sources and assess the strategic importance of the Google Ads channel.

Your Google Ads campaign statistics are listed under google / cpc. Check the key success metrics for your business across all traffic sources. For example, calculate your cost per conversion or ROI for all paid traffic sources and see how Google Ads metrics measure up. Use these insights to make decisions about your Google Ads campaigns. For example, if your Google Ad campaigns perform better than other paid marketing channels, scale up your Google Ad campaigns.

2. Navigate to  Acquisition > Google Ads > Campaigns to look at campaign-level performance and pause or optimize poorly performing campaigns.

Click on Cost to sort the campaigns by descending ad spend. Identify campaigns with high share in total cost and low share in total conversions. Pause these campaigns or optimize them; deactivate poorly performing keywords, add negative keywords, change targeting, test different landing pages, etc.

3. In Google Ads, go to Ad groups > Ad groups, check your ad group performance, pause poorly performing ad groups, and create new variants of well-performing ad groups.

In your Google Ads account, click on Ad groups > Ad groups. Click on Cost to sort your ad groups by descending ad spend. Pause the ad groups with high spend and no conversions. Click on Conversions to sort your ad groups by descending number of conversions. In the 10 ad groups with the highest number of conversions, perform the following: Click on the ad group name. Click on Ads. Look at the click-through rate in the CTR row. Pause the ads with the worst click-through rate. Create additional variations of the ads with the best click-through rate.

4. Go to Keywords > Search keywords, pause or exclude poorly performing keywords, and boost highly performing keywords.

Click on Cost to sort your keywords descending by ad spend. Pause keywords with high spend and no conversions. Click on Conversions to sort your keywords by descending number of conversions. Click on Columns > Modify columns > Competitive metrics > Search impr. Share. Find keywords with high number of conversions and low impressions share (<50%). Raise the CPC bids for these keywords so that they get more exposure. In the left navigation bar click on Search terms. Identify the keywords with high spend and no conversions and exclude them. Click on the box next to the keyword. Click Add as negative keyword. Click Save.

5. Go to Landing pages > Landing pages, link more ads to the best performing landing pages, and replace poorly performing landing pages in your Google Ads campaigns.

Identify pages with the lowest cost per conversion and consider linking more ads to these. Identify pages with the highest cost per conversion and consider using other landing pages in the corresponding ads.