Know where your traffic is coming from

1. In the Google Analytics installed on your website, use the Campaign URL Builder tool to add campaign parameters to your URLs so you can track custom campaigns.

Build links with custom parameters for every traffic source.

2. Add parameters that you want to track such as the traffic source, ad, or product that you are promoting.

Use descriptive parameter names to make it easier to understand what you’re tracking. You can go into more detail about your traffic source at ad level.

3. Copy the URL with the parameters and paste it into your traffic source: emails, Facebook ads, Facebook organic, or YouTube referrals.

In Facebook, place these UTM parameters at ad level. Make sure to paste all the content that appears after the question mark of the URL: starting with utm_source.

4. In Google Analytics. navigate to Acquisition > All traffic > Source/Medium to access the data from the UTM parameters.

5. Analyze the data to see which traffic source is bringing in the most website visits and conversions.

If you want to track conversions from each traffic source, set up conversion events in Google Analytics.

6. Share URLs with campaign parameters on social media, emails or ads.

Use channel-specific parameters when creating the campaign URLs. For example, use different parameters for Facebook ads to those for Facebook organic posts.