Integrate chat bots in a marketing strategy

1. Select a chatbot software that you can easily integrate into your website.

Popular options are Tidio, Livechatinc, and Zendesk. Some of them have integrations for WordPress, Shopify, and a few other platforms. If yours doesn’t, or you’re not sure how to do this, ask your web developer.

2. Match the chatbot’s personality and tone with your brand’s tone.

If your tone is informal and playful, use that. Write every word the chatbot sends to match your tone.

3. Send a welcome message to new website visitors to recreate the in-office experience.

For example, Welcome to HTH Consulting, how may we help you. For ecommerce stores, a welcome offer would work better, for example: Hi there! Nice to see you. We have a 5% promo code for new customers! Would you like to get one?

4. Set the chatbot to notify the sales team when a user is on your website or has sent a message that shows an intent to buy, or is curious about your service or product.

This is based on the sequence you set. For example, if a user replies after sending Welcome to HTH Consulting, how may we help you?, the chatbot can notify the sales team to carry on the conversation.

5. Set up autoresponders to the most popular questions that you get.

For example, if you are always asked what your service’s price is, set up an autoresponder to that question.

6. Create a set of questions that the bot will ask to take information from your users to suggest products, services, or solutions.

The questions can start from a simple introduction, for example, how can we help you today, with some options around your products or services. Depending on what you sell, you can ask more questions like price range and what they want to suggest products or services.

7. Set the chatbot to showcase your promotions to sell products or services.

If you have discounts on any products, you can let website visitors know through your chatbot.

8. Set up a sequence to push visitors to complete an action, such as finish checkout or filling a form when they are abandoning it.

9. Use the chatbot to collect feedback on your website experience through a set of short questions.

For example, if you have a landing page getting lots of traffic without sales, you could set your chatbot to reach out with a survey that collects information about their thoughts on your landing page.