Increase digital ad conversion rates with “scent”

1. If you don't yet have paying customers, guess at who needs your products, their pain points, lifestyle, and disposable incomes.

2. Alternatively, survey 20 to 100 paying customers who bought your products recently to understand why and how they made the purchase. Put a time limit on your surveys and offer incentives to everyone who answers.

Use open-ended questions that allow free expression. Collect demographic data on age, gender, and location. Ask: About their industry and position if you are a B2B business. How they use your product and what problem does it solve. How your product has improved their life. What they like the most about your product. If they considered any alternative before picking your product. Why they chose you over others. If they had any doubts or questions before buying your product. Did they find answers to all questions? What else they would like to buy from you.

3. Plug Google Analytics custom reports into your profile to check who is coming to your site, how they get there, what they are looking for, and where they enter.

Use custom reports like: Traffic Content Efficiency Analysis Keyword Analysis Best Converting Landing Pages Ecommerce Traffic  From this data, single out the demographics, traffic sources, search keywords, and content that are driving conversions.

4. Identify what information your site visitors need to take the next step, to convert from awareness to decision or from decision to purchase.

5. Combine your assumptions or research into current conversions and information that site visitors need. Build a test PPC campaign and landing page.

6. Run the PPC campaign on social media channels or Google Ads to test your assumptions or learnings about your target audience.

7. If your PPC campaign results are positive, use the assumptions or learnings you were testing to build buyer personas.

8. Whenever you create website content, ask, How will this further the journey of one of the buyer personas?