Improve related products and accessories

1. Add similar or recommended products to your product pages to persuade customers into buying more.

If your goal is to increase the AOV, show products with better features and slightly higher prices than the ones they’re viewing.

2. Show related accessories and add-ons that compliment products directly on product pages.

Related accessories and add-ons should be compatible and complement the product being viewed. For example, if you sell smartphones, show smartphone screen protectors compatible with the products being viewed.

3. Link related product or accessory thumbnails to their respective pages.

Give shoppers a way to easily navigate to each related product or accessory’s product page.

4. Show related products and accessories in distinct, separate areas on the product page.

For example, show related products and accessories at the bottom of product pages, under the main product description.

5. Show a session-based Recently Viewed Items section on each product page to help shoppers keep track of their browsing.

This improves overall user experience by allowing shoppers to remember what they browsed and what led them to the current page. It also serves as a comparison tool for users to compare visually-driven products without having to constantly use the back and forward arrows to revisit product pages. This feature is built-in to most ecommerce platforms, but ask your developer to implement it if you’re not sure.