Improve email click-through rates

1. Use a “more is more” approach to links in your emails by including two to five links per email.

Email recipients need time to study your offer before they decide to click through a link. So adding more than one link increases the chances they’d click through.

2. Write a value-based pre-header with a description of the number 1 benefit a client will receive when they click your link.

For example, “Manage all your clients on ONE platform – Managing a hundred different clients… With a million different platforms” targets the emotions of a reader who is overwhelmed and needs a single option. Avoid pre-headers that include promotions, discounts, or new product updates.

3. Segment your email list by customer persona to send tailored, relevant messages.

For example, Copyhackers segment their emails to separately send resources relevant to writers and those relevant to growth hackers.

4. Write copy that is clear, gets to the point, and is easy to read.

Focus on one topic per email to help with message brevity. Readers tend to skim, so you need to engage them with well-written messages that they’ll find pleasant to read.

5. Use the P.S. area to include testimonials, an urgent call-to-action, and add another link.

A simple way to create an urgent CTA is to write in active voice, for example, “Get Your X” or “View Details.”

6. Write a subject line that matches your call to action in terms of tone, voice, and message.

For example, the subject line, “We found something cool for you” should include content that is fun, friendly, continues with pronoun usage, and includes call-to-action buttons with active voice.

7. Test your choices and analyze your results to improve your tactics.