Identify keyword cannibalization

1. If you wish to use Ahrefs, start by creating an account and using Site Explorer.

Create an account on Ahrefs and add your website URL in the search bar under Site Explorer; The trial version of the product costs $7 for 7 days. Click the Top pages report on the left sidebar to see your website’s pages and their rankings. Export the report as a CSV file.  You will see the freshest data within 2 months of your date selection.  Select the Top keyword cell and sort the results in alphabetical order. This will enable you to see when multiple pages match a single keyword.

2. If you wish to use Moz, start by creating an account and using Site Explorer.

Create a Moz account and go to the Keyword Explorer report. Add your website’s URL. Choose your audience’s geo-location and select the Ranking Keywords option from the sidebar on the left. Expand the drop-down menu and click on Additional Ranking Positions. Open the SERP analysis to see all other ranking URLs. Choose the Export CSV option from the Ranking Keywords field and then open it in Microsoft Excel. Select the Keyword column and go to Conditional Formatting, and select the Highlight Duplicate Values option. Format it as a table and sort all keywords in alphabetical order, so all duplicate keywords would appear next to each other.

3. For each keyword, decide which of the ranking pages should be your definitive page for that keyword, and adjust the other pages accordingly.

For example, if you have two pages ranking for Facebook campaign, you will need to decide which page you want to rank for that phrase. You can then refocus the other ranking page on another related keyword phrase by changing the title and URL.

4. After Google has reindexed your site, use SEMrush to check your cannibalization score.

Go to the Position Tracking report in SEMrush. Visit the Cannibalization tab. Check your cannibalization score; if it says 100%, then there are no cannibalization issues. If it scores less, then some cannibalization fixing is required.